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The Wesley Market management is committed to holding the highest health and safety standards according to Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Market stallholders and participants are required to participate in the development of ongoing implementation of the Health and Safety guidelines set by Management and will be reviewed frequently.

These terms are strictly non-negotiable and any non-compliance may be evicted immediately and blacklisted. If you have any concerns or enquiries please contact the Market Management.

Stallholders are required to:
• Report and identify any health and safety risks, near misses and/or incidents/accidents.
• Adhere to Food Safety Bylaw 2013 and Food Act 2014.
• Adhere to Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.
• Ensure all potential risks are eliminated; risks may include:
• All electrical and gas are tagged and tested by qualified electrician.
• All cables are covered and secured.
• Fire extinguishers or blankets made available. o All potential tripping hazards removed.

Market Management is required to:
• Report and identify any health and safety risks, near misses and/or incidents/accidents.
• Investigate any health and safety reports.
• Ensure a health and safety management plan is in place.


Market Hours: 7:30am – 1:00pm
1. Parking
a. No double parking or blocking of other cars in the carpark.
b. No driving or parking on grass, berms, driveways, bus lane, bus stops,
loading zones and driveway.
c. Stallholders must park away from the Centre. Only approved cars are
allowed to park in the Centre Courtyard.
d. All vehicles parked within the Market may not leave before 1pm.
You will be towed if parking guidelines are not followed or your actions identified as a potential health and safety risk.
2. RubbishandWasteManagement
a. All stallholders are responsible for the removal of your own rubbish. Stall areas must be left clean and tidy.
b. No rubbish left in the Council bins.
c. No cartons or boxes left behind.
d. Rubbish bags can be purchase from Market Management at $5 each,
which includes rubbish removal.
e. Unless otherwise discussed and approved by Market Management, all
unapproved rubbish disposal will incur a $10 fine.
3. Stalls
a. Strictly no alcohol or drugs on site. Stallholders will be evicted
b. All goods and services must be registered with and approved by
Market Management prior trade.
c. All stallholders must consult Market Management prior to setup for
space allocation. You will be asked to move or maybe evicted for non-
d. Stall hireage Fees are paid on the day by cash or Eftpos.
e. Stall fees will incur once you are set up, irrespective of hours of trade.
f. Stallholders who refused payment maybe blacklisted for future
g. Stallholders must provide their own tables, chairs, ezy-ups and other
equipment. Hireage of tables at $5 each.
h. Stallholders shall not enlarge their stalls or share, change or pass their stalls onto someone else without prior approval.
i. Permanent stallholders must be set up to sell at the market before 7.30am and casual before 8.00am or will be refused entry. You must not leave market before 1pm.
j. Please contact the Market Coordinator if you are unable to attend. Permanent Stallholders will lose their site if they failed to inform Market Management for four market days.
k. Permanent sites are given out at the discretion of the Market Management and Management is under no obligation to offer permanent sites to any stallholders.
l. Stallholders who refuse to obliged to and abuse the terms and conditions may be removed immediately and blacklisted for future markets and events.
m. Length of trading time does not automatically or necessarily entitle stallholders any privileges over and above other stallholders.
n. All food stalls must adhere to Auckland Council’s Food Safety Bylaws 2013, and must provide gazebo, sneeze guard, fire distinguishers or blankets as necessary.
o. Cooperate with Market Management on marketing and promotional materials.
p. Health and safety monitoring will be ongoing and all stallholders must abide to any decisions regarding Health and Safety made by Market Management.

All terms and conditions must be followed strictly. The Management reserved the rights to refuse access to any site by any person or to limit the type of goods sold on site. Any indiscriminate occupation of a site without arrangement with the Management is forbidden and will result in instant eviction, as with any inappropriate behaviour toward staff, customers or other stallholders.

All stallholders are subjected to the Fair Trading Act 1986 and Customer Guarantee Act 1993 and must abide when trading with customers. Items should also abide to the Trade Marks Act 2002 and Copyright Act 1994. Breach of any law and legislation may be removed from the Market.