2018 held a mountain of opportunity for our Young People and we at RYZ will do our best to provide that and more throughout the year. This year, RYZ will be the CREATIVE HUB of our community. We will be offering activities that will be ranging from Street Art to Screen Printing, from Skate Board Building, from the Bike Kitchen to Bollywood Dance; Our Successful Basketball Activities and Kids Zone will also be part of an exciting 2018 Programme. 

We also have The HIVE, our shared community space which is open to allow our various community groups to network, plan from and create. We offer Free Wi-Fi,  and this is a great space for our community to network and to Dream Big. 

2018 promises to be an exciting one for the Roskill Youth Zone and our community. We look forward to seeing you all down here to be part of this great movement.